High-Tech Enterprise Certification Of Andea

High-Tech Enterprises Certification

High-Tech Expertise Certification
High-Tech Expertise Certification

High-tech enterprises certification is an aspect of the company’s strength, as well known. So that, Andea got the certification on November 9, 2017. This also means that the Chinese government recognizes the company’s operations. Isn’t this a good news? Of course.

What’s the purpose of high-tech enterprises certification?

According to the policy, its purpose is to support small and medium-sized enterprises

What’s the high-tech enterprise?

Simply speaking, in the field supported by the state, high-tech enterprise is a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive economic entity.
It refers to enterprises that use high technology to produce high-tech products and provide high-tech labor services.
Meanwhile, it not only captures or maintains market leading position, but also creates a better career space for employees.

What are the characteristics?

First, continuous research and develop;
Second, transforming technological achievements;
Third, own core intellectual property rights;
Finally, based on above, carry out business activities.
Presently, Andea have 2 patents for lockers: locker body and locker doors. And this innovative streamlined design is the first in the storage industry. It breaking the traditional design of the past, combining architectural style design, safety and precision engineering. Because of this, Andea transforms any environment into a truly exceptional space.