Why upgrade the school locker system?

School Lockers
School Lockers

School lockers have always been a necessity, not only for storing heavy books, but also for preventing theft. In addition, complaints will reduce and improve security.

Why upgrade school storage lockers?

Traditional metal lockers with built-in combination locks don’t make the cut anymore. These are quite robust, but they require quite a bit of maintenance. Moreover, they aren’t resistant to stains, scuff marks, dents, and graffiti. An excellent solution will make these problems no longer exist. Andea lockers are available in a variety of door configurations that are durable, low-maintenance. And excellent locking system makes use and management more efficient and simple.

Why install these modern lockers?


Steel lockers at school are widely used by students, so they have to withstand considerable wear and tear. Our metal storage lockers certainly fit the bill. As they have integrated molding technology, make with cold rolled steel of top quality. So that they are very durable.

No-nonsense Design

The patented streamlined design of the exterior is a bright change, so it blends in with its surroundings perfectly. The surface is carefully treated with acid, phosphorus, and electrostatic spray to maintain the shine.

Fully Ventilated

Enclosed spaces should definitely have ventilation, or else the mold will grow, and there’s a damp smell. These lockers come with an efficient ventilation system that lets air circulate thoroughly.

Quiet Operation

The soft and silent feeling is more warm and comfortable. The stainless steel damper hinge consists of a support, a door box and a damper. The hydraulic buffering technology allows the door to slowly close itself when it is less than 60°. Even if you use force to close the door, it will make the door softly closed; To ensure the perfect movement, soft and quiet.


Basic security in educational environments is a must, which makes school lockers all the more vital. Students have important and valuable possessions, from laptops and netbooks to smartphones and jewelry, must take good care of the goods. But an RFID lock can easily take care of this problem. As it is tamper-proof, thus preventing stuff from being misplaced and even deterring intruders.

Custom colors and sizes as required. Additional features such as crossbars and hooks may also be included. With its striking appearance and high-quality performance, the new lockers transform corners into unique spaces.

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