Gym Lockers

Gym Lockers is a must in public facilities where people need to change clothes such as beaches, gym and swimming pools. But common problems faced by facility managers are dealing with lost keys, forgotten pins, theft and track usage. That’s why it is wise to choose a RFID locking system, it is easier to control and track.

What are the benefits of choosing the gym lockers?

Highly Durable

Made of cold-rolled steel and combined with one-body molding technology. Moreover, Long-term use of key unlocking often leads to more wear and tear. But with the electronic locking system, the problem goes away. In short, it is more durable and less costly in the long run.

Aesthetic Appeal

Traditional designs simply don’t have that appeal as compared to ours. The exterior looks neat and organized, while the surface is acid-washed, phosphating and sprayed with electrostatic powder. The advantage is that it is waterproof, dustproof and easy to clean, isn’t it?

Ventilation System

Improper ventilation can lead to damp odor, growth of mold & mildew, corrosion and other issues. When someone keeps their stuff inside but when someone keeps their stuff inside but depends on the ventilation system, so these situations do not arise.


In fact, most people don’t like to carry keys or tie them to their wrists in public places. Whether you are swimming or exercising, the keys can make you feel uncomfortable or worry about losing. With a memorized code, no one has to bother about lost keys.

Less Management

In a manual system, someone needs to look after keys, store them, sign them out and replace them. In an electronic system, you can let the users remember their own codes, reducing wasted staff time and costs.


Preventing unauthorized access is why many mechanical cabinets fail. That’s why RFID lock is a wise choice, because no one can open it except user who has the key. That is to say it can avoid theft.

Quiet Operation

It’s time to end the creaking of the door. Because the Hettich hinge is used for quiet operation. You can open and close the door in a hassle-free manner thanks to an efficient spring mechanism.


Reconfiguration of electronic lockers is easier than mechanical one. The amount being charged, the code for each one, how long it stays locked or unlocked for, etc. are all easily tweaked and tested.

So if you are looking to remodel public facility and equip them with better security, all you have to do is let us know and we will get it done!

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