Athletic Lockers
Athletic Lockers

When it comes to sports facilities such as sports clubs, spa centers, gym etc. Security of athletic lockers are very important. No one would like to find their stuff missing after they come back from a swim or game of squash! So that, providing strong and safe lockers is a must if you wish to keep patrons happy!

What is the problem of sports locker?

Now, for day use, Key-locking solutions built into doors are very common. But they require extra work. You have to issued Keys either in person or through coin or card-activated systems. However, the locker manager must use the master key when the key is lost or stolen. And a persistent problem is to save the key. Truly, mechanical keys are no longer feasible as there are too many problems. If someone walks off with a key, the locker will not work, or have to replace the cores.

What is the best locker solution?

Though innovations of locks may be few, radio frequency identification technology has entered the lock industry. It’s a good solution. Andea lockers have RFID technology. Unlock mode with wristbands, digital, and recently Bluetooth is ok. Users can easily lock and open lockers by scanning or entering numbers. Meanwhile, One-time use makes management simple.

What other features do such metal lockers provide?

    • Locker manufacturing uses quality cold-rolled steel. Along with integrated molding technology, which enhances strength and durability. Rest assured, the material won’t get dented or scratched anytime soon.
    • Excellent luster as the surface is acid-washed, phosphorized, and sprayed with electrostatic powder. It is similar to the appearance of a car surface.
    • They blend in with all kinds of decor thanks to the patent, streamlined design of the exterior.
    • Ventilation systems used in the design to ensures sufficient air circulation. So your personal belongings don’t smell weird after being stored in a closed space.
    • Quiet operation thanks to Hettich hinges, while its double spring action lets you open and close locker doors seamlessly.

If you are a facility operator who wants to replace entire locker systems, or just the doors present a good opportunity to review the performance and aesthetic appeal of the locks themselves. So whether you are looking for a baseball locker, or changing room lockers. Don’t worry, your search ends right here. You can custom the locker by choosing colors, space size etc. even the hooks, hanging rods, and more.

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