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Locker company, a business roles of Andea. And we are also a design, research and development company in metal industry. Andea established in 2002, the factory is based in Foshan Guangdong Province China.
After 17 years of operation, we design and make a range of hardware products, such as: metal locker, sheet metal product, and small home appliances etc.
In addition, you will get a one – stop service from Andea. And rely on the 17 years of experience, so that, we are able to provide locker customization and locker solutions.

The World’s most innovative metal locker supplier

Metal Locker is our flagship product now.
By combining with architecturally designed, security and precision engineering, it transforms any environment into a truly independent space. Andea lockers is a turnkey solution for open space, like office, health and fitness centers, spas etc.
Whether health club or resort and universities, the design is perfectly matched to them. With the most versatile style, Andea lockers meet a wide range of storage needs in diverse space and facility types.

Competitive Advantage – Storage Lockers and Cabinets Factory

First, Andea factory is covering an area of 30,000 square meters.
Second, we have 155 machines, such as: 250T pneumatic punching machines, 1200T hydraulic press, German high speed laser cutting machines, and bending machines.
Third, in order to prove that Andea has enough strength, but also let customers have more confidence. With the efforts of all colleagues, we’ve successfully got these certifications. They are ISO9001 Quality Management System, Guangdong high-tech enterprise, CE, RoHS etc.
At last, for more visual information, please follow Andea’s youtube channel.


Surely, Andea is a innovative storage locker company in the world. No matter design or material, or delivery and installation use, we surely provide the best results for your project.
Andea locker is popular to worldwide, so let’s take a look at global cooperation brands.